I did some journeying and divination tonight, and I’ve finally got it worked out.  First off, the angel is going to be Raziel.  As my students would say, “OBVS!”.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize that before.  Next, the terrestrial spirit isn’t Eagle, who said he was happy to help, but flat out refused to work with Bathin.

But, someone else stepped up beautifully.  His name is a secret; I’m going to call him “Fred”.  He’s a djinn, associated with air.  He smells like tobacco and cedar.  He’s person shaped, but made out of nebulae.  I’ll perhaps try to make a painting.  I’ve worked with him before.  I think, probably, I’ll be allowed to tell you his name at the end of the thirty days, but he says not yet.

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