I made three identical grey duponi silk drawstring bags just now.  I intend to draw them closed with 1/4 inch ribbons matching the color of the mirror they house, but apparently, I don’t have the right size ribbon.  I’ll go get some tomorrow.  They’re sewn with purple cotton thread soaked in frankincense oil (pro tip: According to my sewing machine repair guy, it’s probably good for your machine to run oiled thread through it every once in a while; it lubricates the internal parts.)  There’s nothing special about their construction; they’re just rectangles folded in half, with a channel at the top for the ribbon.  Each bag is about three inches across and four and half inches high.

It’s a little hard to make out in the picture, but there’s faux drawn thread scallops at the top of the bags.  (That is, the tension on the spool thread was high enough to pull the bobbin thread through the fabric slightly, making “pucker holes” around each stitch.  On iridescent fabrics like silk, it produces a noticeable “aura”, which I like.  To do it on a regular (lockstitch) sewing machine, just turn the tension way up, and use a heavy thread in up top and regular weight in the bobbin.  Then, sew with the “nice” side down, so the bobbin thread is what you’ll see on the final product.  At each “lock” the bobbin thread will pull through the fabric.  Don’t sew too fast, the tension makes it prone to jam.)

At first, I thought about embroidering the spirits’ names or sigils on the bags, but I decided against it.  The bags are partly to prevent the possibility of “accidentally” seeing the mirrors and “falling” into trance (mostly, though, they’e just to keep the “gems” from getting all smudged up).  So, it seems counterproductive to put Names or Symbols on them.
(That’s an Ishtar altar in the background of the photo.  Purim starts tonight.)

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