Some practical advice and tips just in case!

  1. Practice regular grounding and self-balancing.
  2. Keep a banishing/cleansing/clearing ritual at the ready — especially if you come from a strong Christian background, or suffer from emotional distress.
  3. If you suffer from unmanaged mental illness, not only are numbers 1 and 2 important, but if you feel an episode coming on, don’t continue! Your health and safety is the primary importance here.
  4. If you are afraid of Daemons, you might want to reconsider working with them. Daemons are known for mirroring the magician’s fears back at him. They’re really big on the fear facing thing. Being forced to face a fear if you’re not ready to face it can result in a serious mental mind-fuck. (Pardon the expletive.)
  5. Never enter the magick circle drunk or under the influence of recreational drugs. I know a guy who yelled at a Daemon while drunk and was physically knocked down by something he couldn’t see. Of course he *was* drunk, so technically that invisible thing could have been a tear in the carpet or his own feet. On this same token if you insist on using entheogens of any type (such as salvia divinorum, mushrooms, cannabis or even datura, which I don’t recommend datura AT ALL) then make sure you know what you’re doing and you’ve taken it before and know how you react to it. I in no way encourage or recommend anyone use entheogens. This warning is simply here because there’s always the possibility someone might want to include them in their ritual work.

Don’t forget that Angels and even Planetary spirits can be just as “scary” as Daemons and can still give you an good smack upside the head. Some of the scariest spirits I’ve ever encountered happened when I worked with Enochian (i.e. Angels). They can be an intimidating bunch. Spirits generally do these things for your own good. Even Daemons, when they mess with people, usually have a good reason for it. Most of the time if a Daemon is messing with you, they’re trying to bring something to your attention. Usually it’s pointing out a weakness or one of your failings. If you can recognize what it is they’re trying to show you, and then make a concerted effort to CHANGE that thing (or in the very least acknowledge it) — the Daemon will often stop the “attack”.

Also consider that when you’re working with various spirits, some will be more comfortable to you because your energies and theirs will work together well. You’ll “harmonize” with their frequency more easily. Some spirits won’t be like that and you may not harmonize with them at all. This lack of harmonization sometimes triggers the fight/flight response in the reptile part of the brain and may make you feel like you’re being attacked or that the spirit is aggressive toward you. If you stop your reaction to that feeling and observe it, it will usually subside and you will more clearly see the Spirit for what it actually is. Sometimes what it is, is an energy that isn’t compatible to yours. As above, so below.

Some Resources for help if you need it:

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