Brighid the Fiery Arrow by Helena Nelson-Reed

Brighid the Fiery Arrow
by Helena Nelson-Reed

This is the second night of my new working. Tonight, I used the central pillar candle for the peace meditation. In a diamond around it, I had red votive candles light from the healing candle used last night.

Tonight was the Peace aspect. After I opened the ritual and spoke Brighid’s prayer of Peace, I sat, began my Hermetic breathing, and kept the word peace as my focal point.

Again, it came to me that peace is not an inactive, passive state. It takes work to remain in a state of peace, or harmony. I began to think of what the opposites of active peace would be. Two candidates came to mind: apathy and tranquility. Following that line more, I wondered why I thought of tranquility as passive, and connected to our word for drugging something into a passive state — tranquilize. Both are states to be avoided if I wish to work for peace and harmony in my life.

I opened my eyes to watch the flames burning. They were in harmony — and yet there was so much activity occurring where wax, wick, and fire met. The interplay of consumption and generation was a clear example for me of this active principle. Each element spoke a common language, and in the interplay of that consumption and generation, it was easy to see how the universe works the same way. It’s a continuous rising and falling, matter into spirit and spirit into matter: as above, so below.

I’m going to be consciously aware of this for the week. Peace as action, and see where it will lead and how it will help me stay centred and balanced.

Written when the Moon is a Waxing Crescent (2% illuminated) and in the House of Aries (27°).

Image: Brighid the Fiery Arrow by Helena Nelson-Reed

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