Brighid the Fiery Arrow by Helena Nelson-Reed

Brighid the Fiery Arrow
by Helena Nelson-Reed

I began my new working tonight. I am going to be following the same pattern as previously, working with an aspect of Brighid and then doing my shift as a Flame-keeper on the fifth evening. I’m also carrying over building the circle of lights on the nights of the work. Tonight, I just used the central pillar candle for the healing meditation.

Tonight was the Healing aspect. After I lit my candle and recited the healing petition, I took a healing bath adding some Celtic sea salt to the water. I sat in the warm quiet and just focused on breathing. I did simple Hermetic-style breathing as I watched the candle flame.

In the quiet, I could hear, “This is the pattern. Hold the Flame in it.” I felt like I was being given the key to help me keep balance in those situations when I am getting over-stressed. Additionally, it fits into my concerns about connecting with the earth. It has been difficult in recent months to connect as easily or deeply to the earth — the external neighbourhood dynamic has changed, and there has been a lot of poorly planned and unchecked development running rampant. We have, rather abruptly and inelegantly gone from semi-rural to urban. As the weather gets warmer and more conducive to sitting on the ground and working outside, I’ll be using this pattern to start working with the land.

Perhaps the most healing aspect of tonight’s work was feeling scissors cutting through the paper chains that drag me down at work and keep me from fully enjoying what I love doing. I know where the rot is. I will be actively working to cut it out and letting that area heal properly.

Written when the Moon is New (0% illuminated) and in the House of Aries (14°).

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