Today I started off with a banishing ritual before going into work with Uriel. His presence today is much sharper compared to the past few days but I’m not sure if its a result of doing banishing ritual prior to working with him. Normally I just do a quick protective bubble and cleansing. Although my energy and thoughts are much more purer than when Ifirst started, I feel there are still areas in which I need to let go.

Perhaps its a combination of work between Zach’s buzzed Qigong class to his experiemental space and my owrk with Uriel. I feel that my energy is a lot cleaner. Much more grounded, and even just a simple sense of being happy without any particular cause. Also, The work with Uriel seems to have up my sensitivity level where I’m noticing energy flow a lot more than I had before.

I will probably look at starting to practice LBRP next week.


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