After using the pendulum on Wednesday night regarding the last sigil that had been empowered with Andrieh’s audio the previous night, (the one that was for “I always have too much money to spend”), I rubbed some money drawing oil on it and burned it outside. Great smell from the burning sigil and it burned completely.

So, I did not get much accomplished last night in the way of prep work yesterday. Work has been super busy, and my night last night got hijacked by a dinner with relatives which went way later than I wanted.

Today was my early day at work, and I developed a wicked migraine which I suffered through all day, and it was also not an easy day at work. Even though this wasn’t formal prep work, I did get clear on a few things:

*Things are really deteriorating at the company at which I work. I mean, simple things that should be running smoothly have been messed up lately, which to me are the sign of a failing company. It’s going to be time to abandon ship soon.

*I’m a night person, always have been. Getting up super early is often a migraine trigger for me. I really need to be able to control my schedule more. Working magic towards freedom is also going to be a necessity.

*I listened to part of an interview on my drive home tonight with Simone Milasas, who wrote a book called The Joy of Business, and she said something which hit a nerve, which was that a lot of people say that they “want to have enough money to cover the bills” and therefore, that’s what they always end up with. Yep, that’s something I’m guilty of. She said you need to have a larger vision with money. Something else I need to keep in mind for my work with Belphegor.

*I had a realization today that my geomancy divinations regarding the other entities were giving an answer in regard to working with them for 30 days … the divinations were not necessarily saying I shouldn’t work with them at all. I noticed in reading Andrieh’s entries that he is working with other entities as necessary during his 30 day challenge even though it’s centered around Belphegor. So I may end up summoning Archangel Raphael for health issues after all, but I just won’t do it for 30 days.

So, the sigil work might be paying off already. A guy I’ve known through phone and Facebook for a few years approached me with a business he’s involved in. He started posting about it earlier this week, and to be honest, it didn’t really impress me. Tonight I started talking with him, and it looked a lot more intriguing. So I did a geomancy reading on it tonight, and it came out quite positive. I know this guy is a good marketer (much better now than when I first got to know him), so I decided to join his team. Just doing it as a side thing, but the divination seemed to indicate that using magic with this company would pay off really well also.

I got some clarification on Belphegor work from Stephanie today.  I was actually planning on doing it tonight if the migraine hadn’t made me feel so lousy. So, bedtime for me tonight.