The original ritual was here. This was a difficult ritual and was the second time I summoned Sorath in this 30 day Challenge.


Usually I cannot hear spirits as clearly as this one, but I heard Sorath very clearly.   This discussion went on and on.   Basically, had the Intelligence there, but that was not sufficient.   Sorath was extremely challenging, hard to control.   I requested to gain access to the power of the worldly side of the sun.  Sorath was more then happy to let me have it, but the intelligence stepped in and said basically NO he was lying, cards and flame divinations backed it up.

Long discussion ensues.

First, there a long discussion on the nature of humanity in the solar negative  current.  Attention and solar power is entirely destructive to humans.  Solar power unbridled gives great attention.  That great attention and focus of others toward an individual is not real.  Its attention to a simulca, a thought form, and expectation and a illusion.  The solar power flows unbridled into that, and the individual is destroyed.  This destruction makes Sorath Very Very Very happy.  Thus the very attention of others creates a powerful thought form which will always destroy the individual… so says Sorath.   No amount of positive solar work or strength can help that.. no amount of internal solar strengthing will save the idea of the individual.  They will perish in the flames of their creation.

Insert Methodical Laughter of a flaming Solar Skull.  I well hence call this the Riddle of Sorath.   It is as much a test as it is a curse.  To gain access to the negative solar current and the mysteries, means to enter into the flames of destruction… or does it.