This ritual process is weird. The ritual is and my interactions with Sorath are two days out.

The ritual.

Prep work:

Draw a circle, I do this with egg shell, and I drew the syllables of the solar intelligences around the edges of the triangle.

Draw the symbol for the Planetary Intelligence (Nakiel) in the circle.  I had done this with Yellow Chalk.

Inside the Circle, I had a yellow Candle and Frankincense incense… My book… and my tarot cards.


Open the planetary gateway of the Sun by visualizing and drawing out the hexegram in area and visualizing the seal of the sun in the middle.

and Chanting the mantra “Yod He Ve Ye Eloa Va Daath Ararita”…   and repeat that 6 times.

From here I called Michael into the circle more fully and then chanted Nakiel and visualize the seal of the planetary intelligence repeatidly.  Then I called to the glory of the intelligence of the sun in glorious manner appropriate for calling the of the sun.

After I fully felt the intelligence, I then started the flames…. and summoned Sorath into the flames ( picture above).   The entity was pleased by the fire, and then shit got interesting.

Going over the unconrolled Sun energy, is alot like the charisma without internal structure or guidance to the most illuminated path.  So its like the Charisma of Hitler  ( no guidance).  Or the whirlwind of Paul Mordeeb of Dune ( he could not control the whirlwind, and became the whirlwind).  The internal sun must be stronger then any outside attention.  The internal sun must be brighter then any artificial sun placed on a person.  The demon agreed in part, to actually shine greater of the sun on earth on me ( but I had the intelligence with me, so I could ask).  The negotiates were polite but this is a very difficult deamon to work with.    Sharing wisdom, on the nature of the full solar energy, but presenting knowledge which while true in way… might actually be less of a warning but a riddle and a test.