For today’s ritual I did my standard invocations, included Seshat and Ptah, but I adjusted the construct as follows:  Seshat (East), Uriel (South), Belphegore (West) and Ptah (North).  This construct facilitated a more energetic flow of energy to the ritual.

Today was my final “planning” and divination with Uriel.  Uriel seemed rather pleased with my progress this month, but reminded me that we’re far from done. Tomorrow will not be the conclusion of this 30 days I’d anticipated. I’d anticipated all of the work to be cumulative and bloom into a final grand ritual to manifest the desired result.  Instead – it’s bloomed into a major removal of obstacles type ritual, which then opens the way to the cumulative ritual(s) to manifest the desired outcome.

So this work is far from done for me. Not including tomorrow I have three more major workings to undertake before I can say I’ve completed this operation. Tomorrow’s work will help with that.

Tomorrow is also the first of the Rites of Belphegore. I will be observing it even though it is not a part of this particular operation. Not directly anyway.

I have to admit that I’m rather glad the 30 days is over tomorrow. Not because it was overly taxing or difficult, but rather I don’t really like working publicly in front of strangers. Having an “audience” takes something out of it for me. Not to mention I like living in the shadows of underestimation. The less people know what I’m up to, the less I have to worry about anyone else trying to “insert themselves” into the equation. That said, it’s been fun. 😀

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