I did my invocations this morning upon waking up and spent about a half hour drawing Uriel through me.  Then I stated my intent for a new beginning and drank a cup  of green tea with ginger and lemon as a symbolic internal cleanse (new beginnings).  I closed the ritual asking the spirits to feel free to depart in their own time.

Then I crashed.

I didn’t fight it. I have been working on overdrive for over a month and it was only a matter of time before my body decided I needed rest.  It could have been worse. I could have actually gotten sick, which I didn’t. Instead, I was just incredibly tired and felt like I needed sleep.

So I did. When the guilt over not working or being productive crept in around six pm, Belphegore told me to stop it. He was rather adamant about it, too. The Daemon of sloth. Well, in this case the Daemon who taught me a mini lesson in the benefits and merits of slowing down and taking a down day. Instead of encouraging laziness (which is entirely counterproductive to the work, by-the-by) he was simply saying: “It’s okay to take a day off.”

As a result, I’m not fighting it and the less I fight, the better I feel. I’m expecting to feel rather rejuvenated by morning.  How’s that for a new beginning?  Now I’m heading back to bed. I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday.

S. Connolly, author of numerous books about Daemonolatry and magick.

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