black candleInterestingly enough all of the spirits I’m working with are bringing to light an issue I need to deal with. It’s nothing serious, but it still needs to be dealt with. So after a little research today, I think I finally found a solution. I am going to try it over the weekend and see if it helps. If so – it will help me focus on things other than this issue because in the long run, the issue will be resolved with some other work I’m doing. In the meantime I simply need to keep it in check. It’s kind of like the issue makes another task difficult and in order to remove the issue I have to be able to undertake the task because if I succeed in the task, the issue goes away on its own. Circular crap that goes back on itself. Always a joy.

As a result I’ve continued with banishing negativity every night this week so far.

Anyway, that said, today I did my invocations early this morning, and I’ve already done two heart chakra meditations. I will be doing two more throughout the day. I left Rum out for the spirits.

Throughout the day I’ve been meditating on love and security. What these things mean to me, how they manifest in my life, and how it relates to the work at hand. I am having some interesting revelations to just how this plays a roll in my own success. I am feeling abundant, happy, and warm and fuzzy today. A nice change from my usual “not people friendly” self. 😀

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