Today I am extremely hyper, and light on my feet. My head is up in the clouds so to say. I am feeling an amazing bit of clarity and I was warned of an event that happened in October, that we just found out about it. And it was clearly than most. Normally my visions are not in the immediate present, or the future. They are normally months or even years out, so this is a promising sign. It means I am able to add another dimension that I have had problems with, at least I think that is what it means lol. Either way I am enjoying the newness of it.

Now I am moving into the third year of one of my workings and that will be some ascensions for the next couple of days, and more balancing. I am also enjoying what has manifested in this 30 day working. It is going to give me a different aspect in my other scheduled workings and I can’t be more happier than that.

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