Ritual Outline

Going keep this post short.

Agiel/Zazel: Zazel was very happy today, I told him what I figured out in the research. He then told me a few things to improve the workings for a later date.

Agiel/Cassiel: Given I’m on a time crunch..Cassiel said, we can do this quick or take or time..I said whats the difference other than the time, he said nothing..So I just bucked up and said “K lets do this”. Not quite the psychic surgery room, but it was in that ball park. Definitely moved stuff around and painful at some parts. End of it, he healed me up and told me some stuff.

Meditation: Wacky would be the only word to describe it today..was very short though I was expecting a long one. Very strong energy releases and re balancing. The mind itself..was split, chaotic and yet orderly..its hard to describe. Eitherway there was some aspect work also.