Ritual Outline

Well did both Zazel and Cassiel rituals today while calling down Agiel. Maybe its just the time thing..but I swear it feels short in the rituals but coming out I’m like oh, its been over 1 hr 30 min. Today was a more “efficient” day if I could describe it.

Agiel/Zazel: Getting Agiel to come into the space more noticeably & faster. Zazel was pretty upbeat today, we we’re going over some points that he’s been discussing- I asked some questions. It was a good session. I know that I gotta setup a few things to get better effects overall- going put some time toward it.

Agiel/Cassiel: Cassiel was on the same page, he went over a few things which reinforced Zazel’s points. He was pushing me to do certain types of work again, which I gotta think how to do it. Aside from that, he was working on my energy system gently though it was abit weird. It was very subtle though I felt they were fulcrum points within myself.

Both messages off Zazel/Cassiel were very clear, so just gotta put the time into the extra work.

Meditation: Ya, this was totally out there today..literally I just having a mass party/parade in my head from various aspects. Not expected, but considering the work being done it “sorta” makes sense. 😛 There was definitely a difference felt. After awhile, I integrated all those aspects which I guess I was suppressing into myself. Feel lighter. Thinking patterns are already noticeably different. Will see how far effects go.