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So let us start out with the Archangel Gabriel in her feminine form.

As I go about this working, I am feeling a little nervous. Not because I am working with Angels, but because it has been such a long time, many ears, that I have worked with her in particular. In my younger days, adolescent, she was there with me alongside other entities as I grew up. Around the 20th of February I performed a gate opening that had me broke out in a horrible rash for almost two weeks, because I wasn’t quite prepared for the full on energy of four very heavy Angels. Well I learned my lesson real quick. it happens. So now that I am working with them again, i am more adjusted than before, and its comforting I had her energy around me this morning. She was around with her soft spoken self. Until I do something wrong and she pulls my ear and yells at me.

But let’s get to know Gaby (as I have called her since a child). Now of all that I have on her from multiple sources they are all the same. Like most information tends to be when you start researching entities you don’t always work with. Her name means God is Strength (which means to me Self is Strength). She is an Angel of health, education, purification, guardianship, mercy and the like. Physically I have seen her wearing flowing blue and green robes, long white hair and fair skin. Of course my vision and perception will vary from yours.

In this working She will be guiding me through a 30 day holistic healing, which will include, cleanings, detoxes and balances of the body. Over the past couple hours in the morning she has given me instruction son what she wants done and how. Luckily I have this break from school and she is allowing me to recover from my cold to start fresh and brand new. It cam just at the right time. Since She is a Water Element she blends well with me as I am Water as well. That balance will help me later on. But for the mean time I have this from her that I will be working on this week. Of course i will probably end up going over by seven days but it is still worth it.

water infusion with color
chakra/yoga combinations
daily meditations
2 ascensions a week, or more depending on the mood she is in, and my performance
detox and raw eating

Now for my evening workings, they will be with Ashtaroth. I am working with the male aspect, to balance the feminine aspect in the morning. A couple of friends helped me out with that considering what I wanted to do for my challenge. Now sexuality is like a big thing with me, and I want to channel some of that energy into a more prosperous way that I can work with it. So I decided to do some masturbation techniques combined with energy workings that should do the trick. Refocusing the orgasmic energy into a form that I can shoot up my spine into different locations in my body. Figure I get started on that instead of putting it off. Considering I am healing and detoxing in the day, I can get to learn myself better in the evenings. Sounds like a win-win to me. Ashtaroth is a little more protective and controlling when we work together, and I have no problem with it. I tend to have wandering moments at times when I need to focus my attention, so I look forward to working with him again. His instructions are more straight to the point. However his workings will be a little ore extensive I am suspecting, this time around.

3 days ascensions, maybe more
4 days exercises
3 days energy workings
2 days reflection

Now of course this is schedule to change, to increase more than anything. But for now this is what they are looking for and this is what they will receive. I should be spending a good amount a time a day in the morning and evening for them both. I have a meditation from the GD for Gabriel but I will be modifying it to fit my purpose. I will also be working with three other Angelic forces for the cleansing and watchers while I am in my sessions. I have the same for the Daemonic as well as prayers and some other rituals I may need to modify a little bit more. All in all it has been a busy day, getting everything situated, which is a plus. I was able to spend a couple of hours with Gaby today and an hour with Ashtaroth. So it has been a productive morning, and I look forward to getting started on everything after my prep. I will be doing attunements this week and meditations before i hit the ground running, like i do with all my workings.

So let the workings begin!

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