So, divination leads me to believe that the unification work shouldn’t happen until summer. So, instead, I’m going to do some work with Raphael, Marathustra, and Behemot. However, the actual goal of this magic isn’t a thing I can’t talk about until it’s done. All you need to know is that there’s some stuff I need to get rid of, but it’s entwined with me very tightly, so it needs to be removed slowly and carefully.

I’ve decided to pair Behemot, a demon of gluttony, to “eat” the stuff slated for removal with Raphael, a warrior-healer to heal the resulting wounds. Marathustra is a minor demon I’ve worked with for a long time; he’s a carrion-eater / bottom-feeder. He eats diseased or unclean things and clarifies them, the same way a tree breathes in carbon-dioxide and breathes out oxygen. I’m going to ask him to do that, to eat the removed material and turn it into energy to fuel the healing.


Behemot (בהמות) isn’t a classic goetic demon, although he’s listed (and illustrated as a great, fat elephant with the feet of a bear) in de Plancey’s Dictionaire Infernal. He is first mentioned in the book of Job, along with his sister, Leviathon. Behemot is variously understood as some sort of giant mammoth/ hippopotamus/ crocodile/ elephant/ water buffalo/ dinosaur creature. He is described as giant and ox-like, as much at home in water as on land, with a penis (often translated “tail”) as large and strong as a cedar tree.  I’ve never worked with Behemoth before. If anyone has, I’d really appreciate any insights or an introduction. I’m going to conjure him more or less the same way I would a goetic demon; in a triangle on a mirror.  After I make contact and build a relationship, I’m hoping to have him loosen and remove the offensive stuff, so that Marathustra can eat it.  In exchange for this, I’ll offer daily candles and incense for 30 days.  When my goal has been reached, I will make a more substantial payment that I’m not ready to talk about.

Marathustra is a spirit I’ve been working with, on and off, for 20 years.  When I was a teenager, I understood him to be my “demon lover”, and was not really in charge of that relationship.  These days, however, I have some more experience with Solomonic work, and there’s no longer any question about who’s in charge.  Marathustra appears as a giant black crocodile, and occasionally as a hippopotamus. He can also appear as a rather foppish man with stringy black hair; tall and thin, with either a tattered black cloak or the wings of black moth He’s so emo! 😉  He’s “under” Behemot.  (Or however we say that now; Behemot is his “commanding officer”.)  He’s the one who will do the actual removing.  He doesn’t need to be paid; his payment is the stuff he eats.  He really is a great spirit; he lives in compost heaps and under piles of dead leaves.  He feeds on waste and filth and decay and stagnation, and excretes pure clean energy; blue-green watery-nature energy.


Raphael (רפאל) is the archangel of the Sun.  His name means “Healing of El”.  He is the binder of Azazel.  He has great wings of fire, and glows like a sunset.  In BaShem Hashem, we call him behind us; Raphael has always got your back!  Raphael is also an angel of teaching, and of science and knowledge.  He gifted Solomon his magic ring that gave him power over the demons and djinn.  Raphael hears the prayers of the righteous, and is one of the seven angels who stand before the Throne.  He knows secrets, and heals all wounds.  He’s rarely concerned with the state of souls after death; Raphael is all about the here and now.  I’ve done some work with Raphael, but I wouldn’t say that he and I have a solid relationship yet.  I’m hoping that he’ll help keep me healthy during this work, which I expect to be very physical.  Additionally, I’m hoping he can help out with some solar oomph to burn away the dross I’m shedding.


Method:  I’m not sure how to work this in such a way I can do it every day.  It’s a lot of work to do on a school day.  I think I’m going to have to do big workings every weekend to set things in motion for the upcoming week, and then do smaller work on weekdays to keep up the momentum.  More methodology in another post tonight or tomorrow.

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