So I thought I would post a little something for the Daemonolaters in this challenge about offering their blood to the Daemonic.  Aaron posted a Ceremonial Magician view of that here, but I’d like to offer my own perspective and 30 years of experience for those of you who may not follow Ceremonial Magick tenants.

Dried blood for a blood of Saturn recipe.

Dried blood for a blood of Saturn recipe.

In Daemonolatry we have a saying: “The Blood is the Life.”  It is the life giving substance passed on from mother to child. Therefore it is considered extremely SACRED, and that’s also why it is considered the highest offering you can give to the Divine Intelligences (i.e. Daemons) you’re working with.  Now blood offering isn’t a requirement for Daemonolatry practice. I know people who just don’t do it and that’s okay. However – there is nothing wrong with those of you who do choose to use this method of offering.

First remember that really – when you’re offering your own blood to a Daemon – you’re offering up something of yourself TO YOURSELF and your own divine WILL. Also, the shedding of your own blood, as it is so sacred, shows how serious you are to changing your situation. It’s very symbolic. Now – we tell magicians to take blood from themselves in the least destructive way possible. This usually means using a diabetic lancet device.  You only need a drop or two.

Yes – there are some spirits that work better with blood offering. Bephegore is one of them.  You can still work with Belphegore without the blood offering. He will accept food from your table and wine from your glass just as well as blood.

So what about Daemons being bloodthirsty and demanding blood and turning feral on you? That aspect (or worldview) of these spirits isn’t really a part of my personal spiritual views (nor most Daemonolaters’ I know), so it doesn’t really apply.

Let me explain. The mind is a pretty dark place. In Daemonolatry, ascension (to the Daemonic plane and the divine Self) requires facing one’s fears and exploring them.  Let’s face it — most folks have a lot of fears.  I’m not just talking about a fear of spiders or a fear of attack dogs or anything like this — but also fear of failure, fear of success, fear of inadequacy, fear of abandonment and fear of death (to name a few).

Fear is what causes magick to backfire and causes spirits to turn on magicians. Whether it’s fear of the self, or fear of the unknown. If your core belief is that Daemons will demand blood and then beat you up — that’s exactly what will happen.  See, Daemons have this nasty habit of mirroring our fears back on us to make us face them. It’s all part of that ascension process.  I’ll tell you right now that in 30 years – of all the times I had a Daemon give me a Daemonic bitch-slap that: A. I deserved it. B. I needed it. C. It was for my own good. D. My situation was better for it in the end. E. It had NOTHING to do with giving a blood offering.

I think what it comes down to is a person’s core belief and the hermetic principle that the Universe is Mental. Your magickal practice really is what you make it.  So basically – if a magician believes bloodletting and blood offering will mess them up or cause a spirit to go feral — that’s exactly what will happen.

A lot of the dangers of magick are in the psychology of the magician.  Know your psychological predisposition BEFORE practicing blood offering or ANY magick. 

“Man know thyself and thou shalt know the gods.”  – Ancient Egyptian Proverb

S. Connolly, author of numerous books about Daemonolatry and magick.

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