There are things that hold me back, things that chain me to the past, to stasis, to inactivity. I can feel the weight of them on me, I can even slip them for a time, but I always end up back in bondage. I don’t know how or when they got there. I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re not all all self-inflicted. The thing is, no matter where they came from, I’m sick of them. For a long time, it was a nursery that kept me safe, but now it feels like a prison. Starting the night of Friday, March 14th, I’m going to see what I can do about permanently breaking them.

I wrote a little about Astareth (עשתרת) last time. Astareth is a goetic demon of Venus, the morning star. He’s languid and wet, insidious. He’s the demon of incest, adultery, and other harmful sexual perversions. He’s associated with dragons, serpents, and peacocks. He seduces into laziness, and also teaches mathematics. At root, Astareth is fallen Astarte.

Ariel (אריאל) is considered an angel most of the time, but also sometimes a demon. His name means “Lion of El”. He is also associated with Venus, and is considered, by some (including John Dee) to be a sort of combination of Auriel and Anael. Ariel is understood, in the book of Isaiah, the personification of the city of Jerusalem. Ariel is also associated with the lion-headed Demiurge. Most people know Ariel as the familiar spirit of Prospero in the Tempest. At heart, Ariel is a mediator between good and evil; neither fallen nor ascended, an angel of the middle world.

Haniel (הניאל) is the planetary angel of Venus. Her name means “Joy of El” (like the name Hannah). Haniel is associated with the evening star. By way of his association with Netzach, Haniel is an angel of Victory and liberation from bondage.

This coming full moon(Sat March 15-Sun March 16) is Purim/Bacchanalia. As I mentioned before, Purim is an Ishtar holiday. The full moon of April (Mon April 14-Tues April 15) is the first night of Passover, the holiday of liberation.

So, I think I’m going to start with the Fast of Esther (Thursday March 13), fasting (including from water) from sunrise to sunset. The intention of this fast will be to reflect on things that hold me back, and to avert any calamity that might arise from the demon work. (I really strongly recommend a day of fasting at the commencement of any work with “unsavory” energies.)

The work officially starts the next morning. Metaphorically: Astareth I will ask to “lubricate” the chains and also to befuddle and distract anyone trying to enslave me, so that I can slip out of them. Ariel I will ask to pull me from the chains, and to empower me with the strength to overcome them. Haniel I will ask to heal any damage the removal causes.

I’m going to go write some conjurations and thing some more about this.

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