Hehehe. I must be a glutton for punishment. Being the extremist that I can be sometimes, I purposely have chosen a very controversial pair of “opposing” spirits.  Opposing; in the fact that  in modern times, Michael is popularly considered YHWH’s (“ALMIGHTY GOD’S”) right hand Archangel and Satan is popularly viewed as the Arch-demigod of Evil (Formerly an Angel of the Cherub rank). Ironically, and I don’t really believe in irony, I have been trying to get this ritual experiment going for two weeks, thinking it would be so much easier to get the first couple of sessions done on a weekend. However, the first weekend, I was hit with a fast and vicious fever; The second weekend, a physically limiting muscle sprain. Obviously, I’m doing something right, because the powers that be keep trying to hold me back on it.

Now, even though starting new projects on Monday evenings is a real drag, I’m not going to wait another week, damn it. You’ll be getting a little peak at how I work out ideas through ritual, as it will start really basic and be tweaked and altered as needed. I will not be blogging every intimate word and detail of these rituals, as some of it will cover private goals and the exact wording of some aspects of these rites may end up in a marketed product soon, so warned and stay tuned.

This will be viewed as a very egotistical working by some, as I will be assuming and invoking Godhead of my own sphere (Highest aspect of myself) or as I like to think of it, protagonist and author of my own story (At least while working this flavor of paradigm.)

Statement of intent: To invoke my own God aspect, that rules over my story of my life. Then to evoke the spirits Michael and Satan to aid me in determining both what personal choices need to be carried out in my kingdom (Sphere of influence) and what individuals occupying my kingdom need blessings and corrections. Inspiration for this Gnostic working comes from the Book of Job; Where God calls the courts of angelic beings (Satan being among them. That should provoke some thought on what Satan actually is.), to give an accounting, then enters a debate with Satan over his most loyal.

Basic Ritual Outline:

Banish with the LBRP

Charge system with Middle Pillar or similiar

Invocation of the God, (Highest possible aspect of self)

Evocation of Michael to the right hand with charges for protection and binding should the lower aspects of Satan from popular culture appear.

Evocation of Satan to the left hand side.

Charge to both Spirits to make an accounting to me of the most important things they have observed in my kingdom. Time spent in reflection to receive their messages.

Charge to Satan to go forth and give challenges and tests to all who have put conscious intent into getting in the way of my Higher Will. Rewarding them with blessings for correcting their actions or severe corrections for any further interference.

Charge to Michael to go forth with protections and boons for all who have supported and aided my Higher Will. Michael always being dismissed second after Satan has left the space, just in case.

Banish with LBRP. (Some don’t think it nice to banish after angel work, but in this case of dealing with muddled energies and opposites of sorts, best to go back to neutral and go on to other tasks.)

First time tonight. Simple start. I went through the steps and I have learned that I can handle this Gnostic view without blowing myself up. Some theories I have on the more truthful (what is truth?) natures of both Michael and Satan, that I will share later down this road seem somewhat confirmed but need to be explored deeper… (To be continued)