Brighid the Fiery Arrow by Helena Nelson-Reed

Brighid the Fiery Arrow
by Helena Nelson-Reed

As previously stated, I am rebooting my 30 Day Entity Challenge.

I used this week to develop a clearer plan given the circumstances of my time constraints and factors of life-in-general which crop up unexpected and unlooked for.

I will be going into the challenge working exclusively with Brighid. I am also doing my work in the evening and not forcing myself to get up an hour earlier to make room for the working. I am not a morning person, and DST just plays merry-buggers with my internal clock to a degree that I was making myself sick with exhaustion attempting this working as previously planned. I am certain that there is a way to do this as I wanted, but the time to explore that will be in the summer when life is a bit more slack.

Part of the goal for this challenge now is to work with the Fiery Arrow. I would like to, if possible, strip away the Christianised veneer, and begin working with the Faery Woman in her truest sense. I also want to explore the symbols associated with her and see how I can incorporate them into my own life, thereby increasing my own radiance. Another goal is, of course, for healing.

That is a broad area and there are many facets that I want to explore with the healing work. Naturally, I will be working for my own healing and those I care about, but there is also the bioregional healing to consider. The earth is dis-eased. I feel that daily when I connect with the ground and I do have a burning desire to help healing occur where I live. That said, I am not about to go tramping through the wood or along the shore, filled with hubris, just chucking healing spells and wishes about. I want to connect with the spirits of place and communicate with them about their needs and wishes in a mutual working for healing.

I will begin my work tomorrow with the black moon. I like the timing more than I did for restarting this past Monday — and to be honest, I also underestimated how exhausting the last week would be for all of us.

However, it is a new moon and a new start. There will be fresh growth and progress, and that is very exciting indeed.

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