New moon, new beginnings.

I guess I was in an angelic mood this weekend after reading Rufus Opus’ post on Cube Farm magic. My workplace has had really sucky energy lately, with bad morale and people at each other’s throats, so I created a post-it note during the hour of the sun today of Michael’s seal, and that’s getting hidden in my cubicle tomorrow.

I was set to do a different evocation tonight, then I started reading in a group on Facebook this morning about the success that people were having with The Miracle of New Avatar Power, which is a book that was written by the late Canadian author Geof Gray-Cobb. This wasn’t a new subject for me, because there are numerous threads devoted to this topic on the website forums.

I have a special connection to this book, because this is the very first magic book that I ever owned. Somehow, my parents let this Catholic boy buy the book when I was a kid. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing back then, but it planted a seed. And I still have the book after all these years. Mr. Gray-Cobb passed a few years ago, but I even corresponded with his daughter via email a few years ago (she was going to have the book and another one republished, but that’s a story in itself).

I had purchased some citrine stones today in preparation for the evocation of the other entity, but I decided they would be useful no matter what. I did a geomancy reading tonight on using the spells from the book for these two angels, Nitika and Elubatel. Nitika is considered the “genius of wealth”, and Elubatel is for success. The reading came back favorable.

NAP has a format where you don’t really need props, but most of the magicians using it do use them to enhance the spells, so I decided to do so as well. The consensus also seems to be that the results are better if you evoke Nitika and Elubatel together rather than just using the spell for only one (the book doesn’t tell you this).

I set up an altar with a gold covering, the citrine stones, a mango-scented candle I had, and a glass of blue solar water.   I did an IAO banishing. NAP has a relaxation ritual you use at the beginning which is like a hypnotic induction, then you call upon “Mighty Arzel, who stands in the East” to assist in the ritual. I used my Road Opener Mojo Bag throughout the ritual and asked it to open the road to each entity in the ritual.

What Geof Gray-Cobb did in part of the book is take the Regardie material and put it into layman’s terms. So I did the Middle Pillar ritual and then changed the color to gold for the circulation and said the words of power. I then said the Bornless One Invocation three times, which really gave a boost of power.

Now the way the book is organized, you don’t necessarily know to do it in this order, so it’s good that other magicians have experimented with this. I then moved on to the Invocation for Money, which is where I called upon Nitika. I asked the mojo bag to open the road to Nitika. I read the invocation three times, then I tested to see whether the angel was present, and it gave a positive answer. I gave Nitika both the short-term and long-term income goals I wanted as well as the avenues that I have set up now and are planning on setting up. One interesting thing is that I felt that I got a definite communication that there is one thing I should be doing myself that I was going to leave to somebody else to do. Not that I can’t have the other person do it as well, but that I need to be doing it as well.

I then asked the mojo bag to open the road for Elubatel. I did the Chant to Bring Success three times, and I asked the pendulum whether Elubatel was present, and got an affirmative answer. I told Elubatel the financial and life situations I’m wanting for myself, both short-term and long-term. I didn’t feel I got a communication per se, but I did feel I got a lot of energy.

One interesting thing is that when the angels did come in the room, I felt bodily sensations this time, such as when Elubatel showed up, I had a strange almost stabbing pain show up in my left heel which then went away after about 30 seconds, and the pendulum reading was very strong at that point as well.

After the communication with Elubatel, I thanked both Nitika and Elubatel for coming and asked them to go forth and fulfill my requests. After that, I asked the pendulum whether they had departed, and it said they had. I then did another IAO banishing.

I think working with these angels will be better for me because I won’t be bound to any planetary hours.