This is my statement of intent and the introduction to my 30 days of work. So – I have decided to take on Andrieh’s Challenge and work with an Angel and an “opposite” Daemon every day for 30 days. I really thought long and hard on this and, for my own reasons that I won’t get into here (since it’s rather personal) have chosen to work with Uriel and Belphegor. This is rather interesting for me since I don’t really believe in positive/negative contrasts and I view angels as simply another “type” of Daemon (i.e. Divine Intelligence). So hopefully my point-of-view won’t offend or confuse anyone. The universe is mental, after all.

I chose Uriel because he is the light of God and rules over fire, energy, passion and creativity. Belphegor, according to Judeo-Christian classifications, is a Daemon of sloth and wealth by underhanded means. However, in Daemonolatry, he’s a Daemon of success, abundance, and prosperity. Not only that, but I’ve been doing a lot of planning for my Belphegor work for this spring anyway, including some writing about him, so this will fit in to my existing work.

Not only do I anticipate an interesting active/passive quality going on between the two spirits (Uriel as Active and Belphegor as Passive), but I like the Fire – Earth combination – which I’m hypothesizing might promote a slow creative burn (stamina and creative consistency), which is kind of what I’m looking for right now. Of course the other possibility is one will overtake the other, especially if I’m not careful in keeping myself balanced (i.e. grounded).

The plan is to do my work with Uriel in the morning and my Belphegor work at night. All Belphegor work will contain blood-letting. This will further create that mental separation of light and dark. The work will consist of daily respectful evocation (since I respect myself and my inner Daemons, and want to draw this creative slow burn from within myself) AND invocation to invoke the powers that be outside of myself. Actually, I will likely invoke first, then evoke from within to draw these spirits through myself. Yes, I realize people will say this is dangerous, but I have been using a method like this for years. I know when to stop AND how to fix myself if I mess myself up, which I admit is a possibility. I don’t recommend beginners or those with un-managed mental illnesses try this. I’ll be the first to admit that some of the techniques that I use are not safe for the inexperienced. This method also has the potential to bring about some willful channeling, which may result in some helpful divination if necessary.

I want to state up front that I have worked with both of these spirits previous to this, so there is an existing relationship there. It was actually hard to find any spirits I wanted to work with that I hadn’t already worked with at least once. I should also probably point out I already have a regular morning and evening magickal practice so the practice of working every day is unlikely to be difficult for me. Thursdays and Sundays are my divination days (and have been for years). I will do Belphegor divination sessions on Thursdays and use Sundays to perform Uriel divination sessions. Saturdays are my “artifact days”. That is – days I create talismans, incenses, oils, tablets, etc… for any work I’m doing. It has always seemed the Saturn (task-master) thing to do. During this thirty days I plan on also using Thursdays to incorporate Jupiter work with both my Angelic and Daemonic work for success in the creative burn. This entire challenge and my intent is one of stamina. I will be committing at least one hour a day minimum to these operations.

As a recap – I will include at least one gate opening operation during the 30 days for each spirit, a minimum of one skrying or ascension session per week per spirit, and at least one herbal experiment for each spirit over the 30 days. Perhaps alchemical if there is time? So that is the plan. Ultimately, however, the work will inspire me as I go. For preparatory work I plan on doing some meditation and carefully planning the first week of rituals.I’ll see from there where the work seems to be heading and plan accordingly for subsequent weeks. I will also be taking into account any messages obtained from the spirits themselves about the work to be done.

What I ultimately hope to accomplish with this entire experience, through the work itself, is a deeper understanding of my current creative process, and methods I can use to facilitate more self-discipline and stronger. successful creative output with input from the spirits. I am already anticipating revelations of fears and weaknesses, and in a strange way I’m actually looking forward to that part of it. As they say – once you know what the problem actually is, you can start to fix it. This entire experiment is also likely to serve as a continuing study in “processes” for me.

S. Connolly, author of numerous books about Daemonolatry and magick.

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