This is my statement of intent. I will be working through this challenge. I will be working, not as a ceremonial magician, but as a witch. (It is what I am, leopard can’t change her spots.)

I am taking Andrieh’s advanced challenge, and am working with the dualistic opposites of Brighid and Lilith. This combination was not really chosen by me, instead after I read about the challenge, the idea sprung into my mind. I am one of Brighid’s Flamekeepers and I have worked in the past with Lilith, but not not in the traditional grimoiric sense.

My workings with Brighid will be based on traditional sources and prayers. My workings with Lilith will be based on (not ever, really) pop culture interpretations of her as the Dark Mother (as portrayed in White Wolf’s Revelations of the Dark Mother). The poetry in that slim book is breath-taking:

“When first I tasted the fruit of the Trees
felt the seeds of Life and Knowledge
burn within me
I swore that day I would not turn back…”
— from the Oath of Lilith

I am still working on my ritual outline. I know that it will be six cycles of five days. The first four will be working on Brighid’s aspects/attributes (which could be seen as arms on a Brighid cross): Brighid’s cross, Brighid’s Oak, Brighid’s cloak, and Brighid’s well. Each daily working with Brighid this way be in the morning. That night, I will work with a complimentary, opposite aspect of Lilith. On the fifth day, I will be flipping it and working with Lilith in the morning and tending Brighid’s flame in the evening. I realise that this will be ‘problematic’ on the 2oth evening of the working as that is the evening Brighid Herself tends the flame, but I am confident that I will have an answer for when this evening arrives.

Preparation: This weekend, I will be concentrating on fleshing out my skeleton structure for these 30 days. I have a good Banishing that I will be using, and am already meditating daily. I will also work on spring cleaning (part two) and increase my physical exercise outdoors. I’ve been eliminating a lot of processed and junk foods from my diet already (healthy is healthy) and will continue to support myself in eating the most healthily that I can.

I intend to begin my 30 days on 17 March.

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