ok random update.

I just got back from my local temple’s celebratory sabbat. There I was put on quarter calling for south and west. despite a lil stumble at bringing light (my first time doing two at once) The Energy I was able to pull into it and when others called their quarters. I could feel the energy. It was good enough that several people in temple came up and congratulated me on the great job after the ceremony was over. this felt so different then all the other times I had done it. Heck I swear that my voice even changed between the elements. It was just amazing. Also Had a great meeting with a goddess during the journeying part. All of that is to say this…


THANK YOU ANDRIEH!!!!!!!!! While yes it was me and my work that got me to it (working on my self-esteem and empowerment) IT is this wonderful site and Andrieh for creating a chance and pushing folks to do the magic. That result floored me and I fully hold these challenges responsible for training me so I could have such an overwhelming experience. Thank You

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