” a comprehensive work into the quintessence – Preparations”

I decided to take on this challenge into understanding the interactions of the elemental Azoth (Quintessence referring to Jason Millers Strategic Sorcery Correspondence Course, and Andrew Chumbley’s  work) an  approach to the daemons to manifest change trough sorcery and to add into meta-magic work, to understand drawing from external energy sources for add into my work and possibly ways into daemonolatry magic on the go, I’m also adding enns my own design specifically for this challenge to go along after the standard elemental circle to call upon.

The Daemons to work with are, Lucifer, Delepiatore, Unsere and Ronwe

My Goals are to establish links between Daemonolatry and the Azoetic current as the Quintessence

The Quintessence in tune with Alchemy

Ways to balance the energy of ritual space for the most adequate way to program workings, and to obtain energy from external sources

Create simple Gestures and calls that can work outside temple magic

Metamagic for piling up into manifestation

Preparing a Wand of making by March 1

With time a follow up might be good to further expand what I accoplish but I think this should be interesting enough 😉


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