The first reading came out bad, so I revised the plan.

There are several gotcha’s to the plan that mostly have to do with the interaction between Sorath and the tendency of magicians to well curse each other

vector Demon Analysis (1)

In the first drawing, I had used some more attack demons.  That was mistaking

Working with Sorath…. Strength = good

Belphaore six of disks

Paimon, he likes me

But Sorath would bring undue attention to me.  Better to have a few outright vampiric spirits to drain the people who would throw magic at me for shining… then just attack them.  A subtle but useful idea.  Basically, I just need some spirits added that when people “act the fool”, they can at least track down the sources.

Lets get a little into the plan.  The real intention of this work is here as well as the deep self-analysis ( some of it is very critical.   Its password protected Yo since Haters going to hate, if you want the password, you have to ask me.  I consider this work a 30 day hyper-sigil of a sort, and there will be far more to it then merely the 1 ritual a day.

So above is a visual representation of the flow of force between forces.  I stil have to see if I need the Martial Component of the brusing if any magic is thrown against me in the process.

I would Add, I am going to add the following prayers every day.

  • Daily Prayers to Legba
  • Daily Prayers to Kalfu ( dark Legba)
  • Daily prayers to 3 specific ancestors… D ( my fine Ukrainian, dark magician Ancestor/vampire )  Houngan M ( My other ancestor who is a houngan), and  the T. ( who is a dark shaman).
  • Weekly Service to Simbi Makaya ( and others if needed).

These prayers will keep shit in Line should the demon try to “teach” me a hard lesson.  Additionally, I will start and end the Hypersigil with a White bath on the point of Legba and will probably start April 2. I have not worked out the strategic ordering, but I would Imagine something like

Paimon =-  Sorcery ritual of gossip transformation (I’ll go into this) x2

Vampiric Deamons out  x 1.  Paimon is good at finding issues in the networks of people.

Sorath x 5

Now Belphegore is the toughest for me.  So the intial setup will be 7 days.  Thats mostly a get to know you.  That gives us 14  From here,,, have to think about it.