This is the first 30 Day Challenge I have participated in. I’ve decided to participate as a way to encourage more active magical work.. Too much study, not enough field work. I’ve been wanting to change my magical workout routine to include something that will challenge me, when I saw Andrieh’s Entity Challenge I knew I had to participate.  After talking briefly with Andrieh, I decided that I am approaching this work through The Magical Treatise of Solomon, otherwise known as the “Hygromantiea.”

Harley Manuscript Magical Treatise


The MTS is a 14th Century Byzantine grimoire written completely in Greek, only recently translated into English. Basically this book is the missing-link between The Testament of Solomon and The Key of Solomon. One of the features that sets this grimoire against the others is that there are lists for each day displaying the planetary hours, what angel and demon are active during those hours, and what the most potent magical working would be during those hours. I am going to work with each Angel and Demon of the First Hour, which I believe are the ultimate overseers of the day itself. Here is the roster of Spirits.


Monday-Selene-Gabriel-Mammonas (14th Century Moon magic= wealth and prosperity)


Wednesday-Hermes-Ouriel-Loutzipher (Lucifer and Mercury! Interesting, right?)

Thursday-Zeus-Raphael-Meltiphron (14th Century Jupiter is a Healer, not a King)



While I am not a by-the-book Solomonic magician, the working will be undeniably Solomonic and will have what I believe to be the most important tools. The most important implements to me are the Black Goat-horn-handled Knife and the Ring of Solomon, both of which I attained long ago and have since consecrated. I will be creating parchment-paper Lamens for each of the Planetary Binaries. In doing this I will be observing prayers and methods directly from the Magical Treatise of Solomon. So, this is my plan for the next 30 Days:

  • Make sure ritual space is prepared the night before
  • Rise before sunrise
  • Bathe, don ritual garb, Ring, and Lamen
  • Perform the Calyx and LBRP
  • Recite the Prayer of God Almighty
  • Recite the Prayer of the Planet of the Day
  • Recite the Conjuration of the Angel and Demon
  • 10 minute Meditation with the Angel and Demon
  • Bless and receive Communion, take notes on my experience
  • Recite License to Depart
  • Recite the Prayer of God Almighty
  • Perform the Calyx and LBRP
  • Go about my day, taking note of influences and omens

I will perform this ritual every day. If for whatever reason I wake up late I will perform the ritual as soon as I am able to that day. Since I am working with 14  planetary spirits a cycle will be 7 days and after 28 days I will have summoned all of the spirits 4 times. On the 29th and 30th days (which are on a weekend!) I plan on doing a grand ritual to finalize the work.

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