Day 48:

Last day. It’s all livered and pretty. Decided to close the ceremony like I started it, with the same incense: a blend of frankincense, myrrh, laurel, rue, and styrax. Really wished it would burn longer for I just had a warm, smokeless coal by the end of it.

So I was smudging the piece in the smoke and moving it around in a circular motion when it hit me: I SHOULD MAKE THIS INTO A RATTLE FOR THIS RITUAL!!! I had cleaned my bench thoroughly today prior to signify the close of this endeavor and the start of future ones. I stumbled across a random bit of shot that I kept it for no good reason. So I grabbed that little guy, placed him in my locket thing, and got to town making pretty silver chiming. It was fun… made the energy move differently. Noticed that twisting this thing open during the ritual was just asking for a strong burst of… er… feels, man! Think last night’s was stronger, but this was pretty good. I declare it done!

What did I learn? That I’m damn stubborn and don’t take advice from the experts until I let myself fail quite a bit. That different movements and foods really affect results… which I had been told in the past but really thought was a bunch of crap honestly…. There. I said it. Coffee… who know…?


Bet I’ll learn even more if I go back and read these posts… but I’ve been neglecting the housework again and have to finish dinner. Next major project will be to construct a nice cabinet for my dear kitty to sleep in… He needs a home of his own. Thanks for all of your support and for giving me the opportunity to do this. Alistir OUT!

silver abomination

Srriously… there are more pics but I’m lazy

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