Day 47:

Wewt! Got done with the fabrication today. Waited until I was done construction to do the ritual. It was by far the strongest empowerment that I was able to do to the piece! It was just chanting whilst palming it and rocking/swaying a little. I thought I might have to stop early cuz of all weird energy flowing through my person. Very odd.

So now I have to boil it in baking soda and tumble it overnight. Tomorrow comes the patination with the sulphur.

Gave it once again to my partner to see if he couldn’t get a read off it. He said that he felt a tingling in his back… but that could be gas… he then mused that maybe he’s just not sensitive…

Ritual: Focused intent on motivation and inspiration for 30 mins while chanting the mantra “ufnav cebjh rwipoet wil ymsit” whilst I construct the piece

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