Day 44:

Went ok. Was mainly focusing on how all the elements are falling into place. Turing out better than expected. Energy wise, I am still exhausted from whatever it was I had, so maybe I’m pushing it a bit. Should just turn in early. Soldering went surprisingly well. I usually use white-out for solder resist, but I am low. Dug out some yellow ochre since the seams aren’t near each other and it went rather well. Got a little “WHY ARE YOU USING THAT NASTY CRAP ANYHOW?” nudge during the ritual when I had to switch over… guess the spirits or whomever doesn’t trust in my awesome ventilation….

Ritual: Focused intent on motivation and inspiration for 30 mins while chanting the mantra “ufnav cebjh rwipoet wil ymsit” whilst I construct the piece

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