Day 39:

ARG! Why do people who have more experience and knowledge than me always have to be right?! So I was thinking about how poorly this working was going and decided to try a bit o flair. I recalled something in “Hands On” about body movements and somesuch and I was already listening to tunes prior to this so I decided to try something different. It’s my prerogative, man.

I’m just doing copious amounts of teeny-tiny filing work that’s monotonous as hell. Instead of chanting, I started to sing the mantra and chair dancing/bouncing. What the hell! Swaying back and forth and singing totally works! Felt it through my body, and oddly enough, in my back. Then I got a great idea for some aspect of the piece!

….And then this creepy feeling similar to last time crops up around the 12min mark and is still hanging around…. I guess it can watch then cuz I have more work to do! So… ya know… blah!

Ritual: Focused intent on motivation and inspiration for 30 mins while chanting the mantra “ufnav cebjh rwipoet wil ymsit” whilst I construct the piece

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