Day 35:

Twas blah empowerment wise… again… but something odd happened during the ritual which I can’t quite figure. So I was sawing out some bail bits and not getting anywhere energy wise. Was around 15 mins in when I noticed that I could see daylight from the right corner of my eye. It didn’t strike me as weird at first until I realized it was night, the lighting in the studio is shitty and there is no way any light should be coming from that direction. So I turn to look and of course nothing is there. I continue the ritual and it comes back. So I passively observe it as I run out the clock. It was almost like some small aspect of the outside decided to plop down in the middle of the room, like maybe I could walk over there and leave or some such nonsense. Didn’t seem intelligent… more like someone just forgot to shut the door.

I don’t know, man. I blame my very unhappy stomach for making me see weird things.

Ritual: Focused intent on motivation and inspiration for 30 mins while chanting the mantra “ufnav cebjh rwipoet wil ymsit” whilst I construct the piece



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