simbi-makayaDate:  January 28, 2014

Here is the ritual of empowerment.  Essentially, this is exactly what I did.

What happened?

Day 30.  For a long time Simbi and I just psychically communicated.  He had me put the neckalce on.  I got possessed and hard.  Came out of it, was talking with him.  This is not the end.  Simbi is there now… and will keep mentor/training me.

I still have to keep going on the challenge, just cause there is one more thing to do.  Draw the Veve out on the pot.

Through Mediumship and confirmed by Divination the following points were said to me:

  • I have the permission and ability to do Garde’s under the point of Simbi Makaya.  That was so Clear, it hurt.  Other people around me even dreamed of this.  What this does, is give a big resistance to magic that essentially uses sympathetic means, and other means.  I love the energy, and its SO right up my alley.
  • That he will be continuing to work with me, and I kept my promise.  Given the good results he already got, there is no doubt I will be continuing to work with him.  He’s going to arrange that I meet some Bokors, some of this was linked to the ideas of my new book.
  • He’s going to continue to give me little pointers so I can be a better Sorcerer.  I am definitely looking forward to that.
  • Theres alot of ideas that I have to work out, and I have to compile some of the ideas he gave me.  Some were very good.  Likewise, he is another LWA that works with herbs alot, but I feel like he’s helping get even better with that ( so that Gran Bwa and Simbi Makaya and Papa Loko).

My take on this experiment and work,even though I got a absolutely awesome ally… is very similar to what I have thought for a while.   This is not a perfect example, since I did a minor connection… but in reality, I truly believe that you could establish a good relationship and get meaningful and consistant results with a spirit, but working with it for 30 days consequently if you have a fundamentally good understanding of praxis and treat the spirit with respect.  This is I believe, because it takes 20-30 days or so for neural pathways to develop and thus, 30 days to develop the neural pathways that allow better subconscious communication.  That de-mystification does not make it any less awesome, but it does give the practicing magician alot of leaway for how the process works, and also suggests that the whiz pop ritual is not as efficient.   The problem is when that “daily work”, becomes obsession.  Thats the other danger.  Simbi Makaya is great, and as the herald of Legba… He is not going anywhere.

I know other people will disagree with this, and mostly I think that is because of the de-mystification… but in reality….  You can do it.   Of course, that does not mean your life, or personality wont shift as a result.  The connection that forms degrades far slower too ( possibly years, and possibly because the spirit itself wants to keep it open).   I will post more on my blog about this eventually as well.

It was a great challenge, now I have to dive back into hard core Gigong.