Had my ritual again and empowered my talisman. Felt a lot of energy and afterwards, I continued drawing in that picture. Feeling so creative! I blurred out the names of the people I wanted effected by it that I incorporated. It’s still pretty unfinished.

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Had a crazy dream about removing a negative spirit from me. It was somewhere between lucid and astral. I was in my room and frozen, like in sleep paralysis, but it wasn’t as clear as sleep paralysis but I was more cognizant than in a lucid dream. I was able to move at one point to grab one of the crystals from over my on my side table (in my dream) and force the spirit from me and into the crystal. I think I got that idea from listening to one of the Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole podcasts a few weeks ago where Andrieh Vitimus talks about doing that. Woke up in a hell of a cold sweat and you know what’s weird? When I woke up and looked at the crystal, a citrine that i picked because it was almost void of color, it’s now clearly yellow. I can’t remember what it was that the spirit was supposedly feeding off of, or if it was an element of me or an invasion of something else. It was just an energy mass that had a personality. The other weird thing is that I looked up citrine’s metaphysical properties (I bought it, and several others that sit on my beside a few months ago and forgot what it was for!) and supposedly citrine doesn’t absorb negative energy. I’m not really sure what to make of any of this.

The second dream I had was a brilliant idea for a research-based, informative webseries regarding several topics in the occult. At first I was thinking a documentary but then as I unpacked the dream, I thought it would be much better in, like, 10-12, 20 minute online episodes. In a sense, I’d be doing my own research while informing others and involving authors, historians, and experts. It was a fun dream. I have to think about it.

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