I can really feel an increase in energy over the last couple of days in regards to my prosperity talisman empowerment. I had some interesting readings from my tarot but I don’t really want to go into it until I have unpacked what I learned. I had an idea while I was meditating on the talisman, though. You know how my mantra is, “Success, luck, wealth, financial intuition, financial protection, dramatic positive change, manifestation,” repeated nine times thrice? Well, I think it would be neat to carve or burn a wooden disc (like the tiny ones I’m making the travel rune set out of) with each of those ideas and empower each one for three days a piece and then make a bracelet out of them. That would be 27 days. If I spent the first three days carving the discs in a meditative state while repeating the mantra, that would be a full thirty days. I think the next time this challenge is hosted, I might do that.

I also had a really great idea today to create a tangle art poster for prosperity with a sigil incorporated in the middle. I’m moving into a new apartment and I thought it would be cool to hang it as a poster over my workspace. I actually started it tonight, although it’s only just begun. The whole thing will be filled in but this is how it’s beginning to look. It’s going to take me a couple days.

beginning picture

I gotta say, if nothing else, there has been a tangible increase in my creativity since I started this challenge. I don’t know if that’s related to the prosperity talisman so much as that I’ve never meditated every day for thirty days straight and doing so gives my mind time to have small epiphanies.

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