The consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual here.

It went smoothly today again; I got an image of Venus as I was doing it with shiny copper-colored hair in a dress the color of verdigris, which was kind of a duh, though interesting. I did a round of bellows breath after it (I did that last night too but I don’t think I mentioned it).

I’m definitely feeling more energetic lately and am getting things done and even have a measure of enthusiasm, which is wonderful because it really has been a while. I do think something is slowly but really quite surely changing because of this talisman. I’m going to miss it when the month is up; I’ve got other ideas though because with all this Mars stuff I think Venus might want to be next? We’ll see, but I suppose a magician seeking balance would do well to eventually do talismans for all seven planets, right?


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