The original consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual, here.

Last week when I was worried about the meeting I had today I kept envisioning myself walking out of the place after it was over saying, I can’t believe how well that went! And today that is exactly what I did. Wow. Basically a government agency overpaid several hundred dollars and wanted it back; I went in to help fill out a waiver. The lady at the window waived it without even looking at any documentation because it was some kind of error; and also that mysterious $xxxx that was deposited in the account the other day from the same government agency was what they owed instead. Oh and also she put another thing through that will result in another check. And no, they don’t want it back and even though I can’t actually parse the letter she gave us (they overpaid us $xxxx and are reducing benefits to the levels it’s always been and so here’s your check for $xxxx ?huh) she said it’s all good and I am going to take her at her word. So, yeah. Wow.

When I got home Mars got a bunch of incense and some candied ginger and chocolate (I was wondering if a Mars bar would work? Does He have a sense of humor?) and lots of thanks.

I did the mantra later during a planetary hour and it went smoothly for the most part though I was tripping up on some of the pronunciation for some reason (I could just be tired I suppose) and the talisman got a lot of gratitude poured into it. Oh also and unrelated to the stuff above, I met a monthly goal today. I set two large goals for the year, with milestones at the ends of the month, and I’ve already made one of them. Yay!

When I was done with the chanting I just sat with the talisman for a while and looked at it adoringly. So okay. So far so good, and thank you Mars!


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