The original consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual, here.

I actually got it in today during one of the daylight planetary hours (which are a lot shorter than the nighttime ones at this time of year!) after I shovelled a bunch of snow. Which I guess means I had some energy; I just hope I’m not too sore later. I have to say I’m feeling quite good physically today.

I did the mantra as usual; afterwards I meditated for a bit without much focus, which turned out okay because it lead me to ‘randomly’ thinking about a set of hills in Italy called the Marsian hills after the Marsi tribe if I’m remembering correctly. One of their Goddesses was Angitia, Who was known for being an herbalist and curing snakebite. I did a picture of her a few years back all draped in snakes like a saint of the region but tonight I was wondering if She was connected to Mars at all. So I dug out a print I have of Her and put it on my altar. I’ve been learning about herbs anyway and I think maybe She’s been trying to catch my eye for a while? Anyway it’s interesting.


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