The link for the consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual, here.

I went for a walk today even though it was snowing since I noticed last night that I had some weird antsy energy that needed to get used. So I went and now I’m kind of sore in unusual places I think because walking in the snow even if it’s only a little is different than normal walking so I used different muscles. It’s also a lot harder, wow. I’m mentioning this because 1) I think it is, if not proof, at least a hint that I’m beginning to have more physical energy because of this working, and 2) I noticed that once I went for the walk I was in a good mood, not just because of the exercise but because it felt like I’d accomplished something already. So going for a walk first thing sounds like it will help, when I can manage it. I’m definitely getting a feeling of things having turned, and slowly but steadily moving now in a different, better, direction. Probably like the Sun’s slowly increasing strength after the solstice, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were connected.

I did the chanting/mantra as usual and it went smoothly again; afterwards I did a round of right nostril breathing and thought of some other things I could do to improve my physical energy levels. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had much energy at all; but I think it may have gotten to a point where I can imagine helping it along. Before I didn’t even have the energy to start. It was like living a few miles from the bus stop with no way to get there; if I could get there then I could get into the subway system and the whole city too, but until I had the means to make that little trip to the bus stop first the rest of it was closed to me.

Anyway. I think it might be working. I definitely feel good today.


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