The consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual here.

I had to wait till the wee hours again this time because I missed the earlier planetary hours, but I’m usually up this late anyway. This time I consciously chose to think about the quality of ‘confidence’ as I chanted the ‘mantra’; during the chanting I came to realize that a lot of the things I’m worrying about, besides being out of my hands (which is why I was worrying about them) aren’t actually my responsibility. I’m helping out with something, but ultimately it’s not on my head if something goes wrong. It will affect me some, but it’s not mine. That was interesting and made me feel better and less worried.

Other than that I was wondering just what one does with a talisman after all this charging? Does it just sit there and calmly radiate the energy? Can you use it for other (related) things or spells in the future? Does it have to be recharged every so often?


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