The consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual here.

I was seriously freaked out last night about things and I’m not sure why. When I was done with the talisman last night I made a little plan of things I could do, the first on the list being making a certain phone call. It was on my list as the first thing to do today.

But when I got up I was informed that the person I was going to call had already called with good news. I didn’t mention to anyone what I was going to do, and it had been something that had been up in the air for a while (which didn’t help with the anxiety, did it) but resolved itself with some nicely ‘coincidental’ timing. So at least that part is good (there is still stuff I’ll need to do next week but this takes a lot of pressure off).

So when I was doing the charging today I was definitely putting a lot of gratitude into the talisman, because if I had to guess I’d credit Mars with solving that part of the problem before I got a chance to. Thank you Father Mars!

I did the chanting as usual; since I’ve been doing these on the planetary hours and the hours are calculated by dividing up the day time and night time into equal chunks I’ve noticed the night hours gradually getting pushed back because the nights are getting shorter. So that’s interesting to watch.

When I was done today I said some affirmations and again thanked Mars.


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