The consecration ritual is here; the daily charging ritual, here.

So it was the usual today, chanting the mantra. I was sort of hurried doing it, though not because I wanted to get it over with or anything but because I sort of had too much energy to sit still and was feeling enthusiastic about doing about a million other things. Which I’ll take to mean the Mars energy is starting to have an effect which is a very good thing. While I was chanting I picked physical energy to focus on and pictured myself eagerly getting out of bed because I had things I wanted to do, and other stuff like going on walks or running or lifting weights and just generally feeling energized.

When I was done with the chanting I felt energetic enough to actually lift some weights, which I haven’t done in a while. So I do think it’s changing me, though slowly. But I’m a slow sort, usually, so I’m not surprised.


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