Link to the consecration ritual here; to the daily charging ritual, here.

Did the charging today at the sundown planetary hour again. I did sort of hurry through it as I have a lot of things to do today. Which busyness is all good and may well be a consequence of the talisman anyway, so. It felt really nice today; I kept thinking fondly of friends of mine I hadn’t seen and was wondering how that might tie in with the Mars energy. It doesn’t sound like it does but I think creating safety (which Mars does in defending the home) creates a space for laughter and friendship to come about in a free and genuine manner. Also Mars Adsertor, Mars the Assistor is about restoring or granting liberty and freedom, so that makes sense.

Can’t believe it’s been ten days already!

Right now I’m leaning towards not worrying about the moon phase. This is after all very much about Mars and nothing to do with the moon. So even though I’m a witch and usually do take moon phases into account I think I’ll just keep right on going. Mars isn’t in retrograde now and that would be what would affect it, if anything.


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