Before I tell you how today’s work went, I realize I haven’t really explained why I’m doing this.  The exact purpose is a little bit secret (not fun occulty secret, just personal secret), but it’s mostly about strengthening my “internal academical” energy, infusing it into the necklace, and then being able to use the necklace to help keep the “channel clear”.  Ideally, the month worth of mantra will sort of “sink in” to the beads, so that they have some resonance that will help even without me saying mantra (because, honestly, 88 mantra a day is not a thing I can keep up with long term.)
I did some solar work at down (which was also, conveniently, solar perihelion this morning.)  If was part 2 of Jason Miller’s Helios/Hekate thing, if anyone knows that.  It went well.

Later, I took apart the necklace and restrung it.  After trying several different things, I ended up using dental floss, which has exactly the right strength vs. suppleness feeling I wanted.  This has left the beads with a very subtle mint scent, which actually seems kind of ok.

After playing with several configurations, I landed on

  • 42 mixed clear quartz and green and purple flourite beads
  • a white moonstone
  • three more mixed
  • a labradorite
  • three more mixed
  • a grey moonstone
  • 42 more mixed

My mouth was occupied (holding the loose end of the string) while I strung, so I couldn’t recite mantra while stringing.  Instead, I listened to a recording of it being chanted, which was nice, especially because I’m still learning it.  Here is the recording.

I then told a whole circuit, after I was done stringing.  A full circuit takes about an hour, but might (hopefully) go faster once I get super fluent at it.


  • flourite and quartz: “Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, namo, namo.  Sarab a Shkati, Sarab a Shakti, Sarab a Shakti, namo namo.  Prithum Bhagwati, Prithum Bhagwati, namo, namo.  Kundalini Mata Shakti, namo, namo.”  From the Sanskrit.  There is currently a conversation about translations on my facebook page, but I understand it to mean, more or less literally “Primal Shakti, Primal Shakti, Hello! Hello!.  Omnipresent Shakti, Omnipresent Shakti, Hello! Hello! Expansive Goddess, Expansive Goddess, Expansive Goddess, Hello! Hello! Coiled Girl-Power Mother Shakti, Hello! Hello!”  I say this a total of 88 times, which seems like a good number, but I don’t know anything about Hindu numerology.  It was primarilly dictated by the size of my neck.)
  • white moonstone: “Ki hi m’qor haberakhah, merosh miqedem nesukhah sof ma’aseh b’mahashavah tehilah”  This one’s Hebrew, so I’m a little more confident in my (as literal as possible) translation: “She is the wellspring of blessing, from the beginning, from ancient times, she was chosen. Last made.  First planned.”
  • labradorite: “Hit’oreri.  Hit’oreri! Ki va oreikh qumi ori! Uri, uri shir dabeiri! K’vod Adonia alayikh niglah.”  “Get up! Get up! Light is coming, rise and shine!  Wake up! Wake up! Sing!
  • grey moonstone: “Boi v’shalom aterat ba’alah. Gam b’simhah uvetzahalah, tokh emunei ‘am segulah. Boi kalah boi kalah!”  “Come in peace, crown of her husband.  Both in joy and merry-making, among the faithful of the precious nation, Come, Bride!  Come, Bride!”

The Hebrew parts are all from a song from the Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday night) service called Licha Dodi.  I’m not so sure about the middle one.  The other two bits are addressed to Shekhina, but the middle on is really addressed to “dodi” (the beloved; usually understood as Israel or the congregation, but sometimes as the singer’s soul).  A google search for “licha dodi” should give you tons of info about it.



Some kundalini activity, I think.  I’m not entirely sure what Kundalini activity is supposed to feel like.  I had a bunch of spine bubbles at first, but then a very pleasant sort of bubbling warmth centered in my hips, abdomen, and uterus, which left me feeling healthy and alert (and a little horny).  I have an old injury in my left hip which hurts in the cold, and it definitely hurts less now.  So, I would say today was successful.

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