Friday I worked in the morning instead of evening, because I had plans at night  The work was noticeably different in the sunshine; more warm and less electric.  However, nothing special to report.  At sunset, when I lit shabbat candles, I certainly felt Shekhina descend and mix with kundalini energy in my belly.  It was nice.  I was out late, and did a little bit more mantra work before bed, but I drifted off after only a few recitations.  Sorry I forgot to report Friday; the change in schedule confused me.

Yesterday I did a long working (several hours).  I started with B’shem Hashem.  As is typical for me on shabbat, the presences were all very strong, but especially Shekhinat El, who began as warm, gentle rain, but became rumbling thunder as She descended. I started with some heart-healing work with Raphael.  He did some kind of complicated weaving thing, but I didn’t really feel any different.  No grief bubbles, though, so I guess it worked.

Kundalini rose quick and strong, beginning as bubbling hot water, like a hot spring, and becoming lightening as it passed my heart.  It shifted in the exact spot that M needled last weekend.  It felt just like the gnostic “The Thunder, Perfect Mind“.  I recorded myself reciting that.  I’m going to magic it up with some sound effects and isochronics and etc this afternoon.  I’ll link it when it’s done.  UPDATE:  Here it is, with a little commentary.


I also did a lot of work with Lion, who has some faint tiger stripes on its flanks and leopard dots on its face and a small but noticeable mane.  Either it’s a species of big cat I’m not familiar with, or a lion/tiger hybrid, or its a spirit who can’t decide what kind of cat it is. (maybe a prehistoric cave lion or something…it’s REALLY big.  Almost as big as a small car.)  I rode him for (like a horse) a while, and then we worked on shapeshifting, and then we did other stuff that’s none of your business.

I don’t quite understand the connection between kundalini, Shakti, Astarte, Shekhina, Lion, Ariel, Astrariel, and Auriel but they’re all linked up somehow.  I think.  Maybe.  I don’t mean they’re all the same, I just mean there’s some sort of connection, but I can’t quite figure out what it is.

Side note: late Sat night, I facebook-ran-into a guy I went to Caltech with.  I used to have a HUGE crush on him, back in the day.   Among other reasons, this is because he always seemed like lion to me. Which is weird, because he’s physically rather small, and not at all aggressive.  He was always wicked smart, super mellow and just very GOOD.  These days, he runs a non-profit combating human trafficking, which is obviously the expected outcome of a phd in theoretical physics.)

liger (lion/tiger hybrid)

After I finished this work, I did some other stuff, including some Hermes work.  I’ve been re-establishing my Hermes connection, which has suffered somewhat in the last year or so.  I put in my “letter of resignation” as his employee, which I thought would be sad, but I totally misunderstood.  Turns out, it’s not goodbye at all!  We have a whole new kind of relationship now, which was long overdue.  He started telling me a story called “The Romance of Hermes and Hekate” which isn’t ready for me to tell it to yet, but I will when it’s done.  I think Baphomet is going to be their kid, but I’m not sure yet.

I also did a ton of Etz Chaim (tree of life) work, laying out paths and such.  I’ll write a blog post about it when it’s ready.  Some of it was about the whole “Is Strength VIII or XI?” business.

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