I’ve been out of town this weekend. Remember my best friend, MRG, the herbalist/witch-doctor I grew up with? Her grandmother (from whom we bought our witch-cottage this summer), died, and MRG and I went down to clean out her house. As you might expect, it was a little sad, but surprisingly ok. However, my work Friday and Saturday was a little perfuctory; nothing in particular to report. I did the Work late at night, just before bed. There were some spine bubbles, and the pain just between my breasts, but nothing special. I’ve been quite sore; M and I (most her) carried about a million boxes of books and a bunch of other stuff up a flight of stairs from her grandmother’s basement, and then down the outsde stairs into the cottage. That’s a lot of stairs and carrying for fat, old Sara! 🙁 We made many, many car trips (it’s about 30 minutes each way from Grammie’s house to the Cottage). That left M and I with lots of time to talk, and (among many other things) we talked about the work I’ve been doing. We also talked about some more personal energetic problems I’ve been having, which are none of your business. Redacted version: I have A LOT of yin (think of it as “female/cold/water”) energy, but I’m often severly yang (male/hot/fire) deficient. In particular, I sometimes steal other people’s yang, but the whole “vow of celibacy” thing has made that hard to come by.

I sometimes forget that M and I aren’t teenagers anymore, and that she is an AMAZING energy worker now, especially because she sometimes likes to pretend she’s not a witch. She’s always been good, and I’m not the only one who’s been getting better for 20 years. She recently finished a master degree in accupuncture, and she offered to do some needling to open my “ren” and “du”. (I just learned these names; the ren is the front of the microcosmic orbit, and the du is the back.) She then asked about the exact location of the blockage in my chest. Apparently I pointed to a point called “ren 14”, which the “gate of the heart”, which makes perfect sense, because that’s how it felt to me too; that the kundalini was getting stuck as it tried to enter my heart chakra.

Here are the other points she needled, as well as I can remember them. I will check with her and update if I’ve gotten any of them wrong.
1) Right inside wrist: “lung #7”. This point “opens the ren”. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but the joint where my right thumb meets my hand has been injured/hurting for some weeks. Whenever I see M, I’ve been making her reset it. She said it seems as though I had dislocated it recently (although I don’t remember doing so). I don’t know if you’ve ever had acupuncture before, but it’s a weird feeling. At first, you just feel a little needle prick (which mostly doesn’t hurt at all; sometimes I can’t even feel it, but M only had “big” needles with her, so the ones in my wrists hurt a little this time). After the needleprick, you can feel it when the needle hits the point. It’s a very strange sensation; as if something inside is melting. Apparently, some people find it painful (says M), but I thought it was, not exactly pleasent, but very satisfying. This one in my wrist, the instant it hit the point, the pain in my thumb went away. It’s come back a tiny bit, but it feels better than it has in 2 weeks.

2) Left handoutside pinkie crease (I don’t remember the channel number of this one). This opens the du. This one was somewhat painful going in. I didn’t get much energy sensation from it, but that might be because the mild pain (it felt likea large needle was stuck in my hand…imagine that!) masked the more subtle feelings. I’m not very sensitive to that kind of thing.

3) Next was ren #14, located just between my breasts, and slightly below, in the”triangle” underwire bras make. This one felt weird slipping in. Physically, I didn’t feel it at all, even as I saw it go in, but I definately felt when she hit the point inside; it was an instant feeling of something melting, which went very deep inside me. After they’d been in for a while, this was the one I could still feel. It felt as though it was pinning somethign own inside me, a wriggly littel worm of a thing. When she came back to check on me (maybe 8 minute later?), she said “Oh! You’ve got some real chi there…it’s all red. How does it feel?” I told her about the wriggling, and she said that in classic Chinese medicince (which is somehow different than “traditional Chinese medicine” which is what she does), they would say that’s how acupuncture works, but extracting small “wind demons”. She “pulled” on the needle (I think not physically), which felt like the wriggly thing was being sucked out. Later, after the needles were out, this spot bled a little, and I had a small raised hive there. (I get hives a lot, but none of the other needles raised them)

4) Left ankle, inside. This closes the du. It’s like the “exit point” for the energy. I didn’t feel much on this.

5) Right ankle, outside. Ren closing. I felt a little “whoosh” feeling, like air esacping from a balloon.

Afterward, she told me to take a shower, and run some microcosmic orbits. I did, and it was noticeable easier to run “backwards” (ie, up the back and downthe front) than usual. I did not notice much difference in going up the front and down the back, which is the direction that feels more “natural” to me.

About an hour later, I did my Adi Shakti work. It was so powerful! Even though I wasn’t even trying very hard! The kundalini rose very fast and strong, hot and bubbly. It swooshed into my heart, right past the point where it had been getting stuck, with no problem. It felt so good, I had to stop myself from making noises! I was a little giddy after, happy and excited.  It dissipated in about half an hour, and I went to bed, and slept very, very well and had very nice dreams.

This morning (Mon), I did my mantra in front of the fireplace, with my back to the fire.  I tried to pull the fire into me, and that worked very, very well.  The kundalini again rose strong and fast (although not so much as Sun night).  I was energized, but not giddy.  This is the most successful I’ve ever been with energy work; entirely pleasant, with no bad side effects and very little pain.  🙂


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