1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nWoot One before midnight ^.^ did the laughter with the copies. then cleaned with snow and now for the tweest this time I went to my tree from the snow cleaning check out Pagan Chaos Magic 21 B for the basics.  once there I went to my room for traveling/ summoning. Once there I pulled the construct I had been working on (the “astral temple” for Santa) and get it ready. also tried using the ho ho ho trick and opening the gate. it worked a lil but I think I need more focus to use them all. Then I invite Santa in he comes in the chimney and then we share snacks this time a home made iced chai latte and a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. He didn’t mind the different fair though he mentioned warm cookies and  I may try hot coco for tomorrow. He told me he was why my friend slept so well last night. (how do I check that???) After that we just kind of looked at each other as I didn’t know what to do. Santa wanted me to stop trying so hard and just talk to him like he knows I want to. Thing is I don’t want this to devolve into a fan letter to Santa where I list all the cool presents Santa told me I’d  get and stuff like that. I am trying to stay professional (I don’t like doing that, but I am also trying to stay vigilant and not just turn this into a fantasy/ daydream) after that the Idea came to play a game with Santa first we tried 5 card draw (all of this was in the trace state no rl component.) Santa lit his pipe. I won with jack high though I still think Santa had a king or ace. then chess I got check mate due to an error in the board. Santa wouldn’t let me quit he kept on challenging and encouraging me to work through the difficulty of visualizing all that. then finally we just sat at the table and rolled a ball back and forth having it grow bigger and change color with ever pass. Santa was being annoying and kept using wrapping paper patterns it was really fun then we just re absorbed the energy collected. then we hugged and said good bye I came out of it all laughed and bell to banish.

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