1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nTonight WOW things clicked. Okay I did S LS SS. felt like I was about to have a nosebleed everything was so much more intense during the set up. Tonight I managed to have the whole speak from your heart thing down pat. I just realized it’s 12:01 on 26 January. Santa Claus Me there exactly long enough to do it for this day started on at 11:30 and was done before midnight. there is something about days now this proves it. Well this and the work on my talisman when it crosses over to 12 midnight the energy of the day just changes. I love finding out things like that. Okay once Santa was there I thanked Him and blessed the food. I asked him about going to Andrieh’s, he said he been but that Andrieh had yet to see him. Then I sent calls if you had enjoyed doing this. By this I mean the whole 30 day summoning interaction thing. He said he was glad for the experience. I told him thank you and I was to. I asked about if there was anything he wanted to do this was the end. Listen to puzzle and he asked me what you mean this is the end. I explained that I meant the end of this 30 days of summoning and eating and things like that. (What would you even call this working I guess) he ask  me if I was still going be working with him?  I said well yeah I’m not going to give this  up. Just were done with this, but I am done with doing nightly summonings and all the cookies and milk. I have ate enough cookies and milk to last me the whole year. we laughed at that there was a lot of laughter tonight between us. I told him I was I don’t know what to do with this I’ve never had spirit friend like this before not even when I was Christian. We left a bit about that I was similarities between like him and Jesus. Think of a Christmas miracle you know all things are possible through Santa. Well anyways he talked about acknowledgment. Like with the spiritual practice he talked to me about before, how I need to acknowledge daily even just saying good morning to the God and Goddess. There is something there in the idea of acknowledging the things in my life. Kind of like how others have gratitude I should acknowledge the powers in my life not just the spirits, but like even to an extent, like electricity or the chaos flower that I have on my altar. We laughed as we realized instead of making a fire flower like from Mario I made a chaos flower. (I need to work on this idea some I like it I just don’t know how far to go with it) then we had some toast we toasted each other. There was some beautiful things said there but this was you had to be there. Well then knowing I need to get to writing this Santa left but before that we thank each other and hug goodbye one last time.

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