1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nToday was quickie. Forgot to do the salt again. So L SSS And then I thanked him for coming and blessed the food. No I decided to have lunch with Santa again today. We sit down to eat. I asked him if he talked to Andrea yet. He said no well that he tried but he couldn’t get through Andrea’s protection. I told him to leave a note or something. I told him he’s (Santa) not my lackey. He seemed unsure what to do. I said I imagined Santa Claus to be more confident and asked him What was the matter? He said he’s not used to dealing with this, I mean if you’d just been some brat that wanted the next big wheel I’d be fine. I nodded we ate quickly and just chatted the memory is fading. anyways He asked me what I wanted for the end for this. I’d love some proof that was undeniable. Then I sighed and told him but even if you did I probably would find a way to explain it away. I am really good at doubting things. then Santa brought up an interesting idea. what if I doubted doubt? then with that he sent me on my way.

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